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The Night

Mousemas CharactersA truly unique children’s story book that would make a beautiful Christmas Eve box addition.

It’s plantable! Includes carrots, broccoli parsnips and Norway Spruce seeds. Grow your own Christmas dinner and Christmas tree!

Follow the story of Lucy,  a little mouse, who dreams of growing her own Christmas dinner.

Then join Lucy to start growing your own vegetables and even your very own Christmas Tree with the packet of seeds.

Written by Vida Natural’s very own Sally gives us the lowdown on why she created the book and what it means to her…

mouse book

What inspired you to write this book?

I have always loved Christmas and every Christmas Eve would sit with my Mum and read ’twas the night before Christmas’ following the story I would then stare out of the window in the hope I would get a glimpse of Father Christmas! Since having my two girls I have continued this tradition. The joy a lovely story gives a child and especially at Christmas time is magical! I wanted to create a story that not only gave that joy to a child but taught them about growing their own vegetables. I also included the added feature of ’spotting the carrot’ on each page to keep them even more engaged!

Can you tell us about the book? 

This story follows a little mouse who wants to surprise her family with a Christmas feast she has grown herself. The book creates excitement around the anticipation of Christmas and shows the joy of giving. As children read through the book they not only enjoy the story but at the end they are given the gift of seeds to plant themselves.

What did you learn when writing the book?

My girls were paramount in the development of the book and even though they are older than the target market they loved the story and finding the carrots on each page, they provided me with real feedback. I approached various people for advice and their feedback but until I had the thumbs up from my children I wasn’t going to be satisfied I had fulfilled its potential.

What surprised you the most during the process of writing the book?

I realised how much of a child I really am at heart and my ridiculous excitement about Christmas! In some ways it brought me closer to my children, as I saw how much it meant to them knowing their ideas and comments were actually being implemented and made a real difference!

What’s next for you? More books?

Definitely! There are so many ideas I have going around my scatty head! It’s just where to start!!!



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